OK - I'm ready for spring ....

Holy moly!  We've been getting blasted with snow and really, really cold weather here in Southern Georgian Bay! When we say it's warm at -10, you know it's been cold!  It's a great season for winter sports though.  I hope you've had some time to get out and enjoy our beautiful area.


The new mortgage "stress test" for non-insured mortgages is here and interest rates are going up. With these changes in place, it's critical that you touch base with your financial adviser so that you are fully aware of the implications, if you are planning to buy this year.  

Listings are in very short supply at the moment, so if you are thinking about selling, now is a great time!  Give me a call and let's talk about it.  If you have a cottage property that you don't visit often, access might be an issue, but we can get ready to go as soon as the snow subsides.  We are anticipating another really active spring.


You may have noticed that I have the initials SRES in my title. It stands for Senior's Real Estate Specialist. That signifies that I have taken the training and developed a skill-set that enables me to work effectively with people in our senior sector and their families.  In addition to my training, I have experience from my personal life in assisting "more mature" people to downsize from a full household to a more modest living space.  I continue to attend workshops and network with associated service providers in complementary service fields.

   Whether you are a first-time home buyer or a senior wanting to down-size, I am here to help you through the entire buying or selling process.  Please give me a call and let's start working on fulfilling your real estate dreams.

 Call me now @ 705-427-1373.  

I am looking forward to working with you.