Summer's here and the time is right....

for spectacular sunsets like this one that I took across the farm fields near Lafontaine.

In the past few weeks, the market seems to have balanced out a bit, which is a relief for all of us!  Hopefully it lasts, because it was getting pretty crazy there for a while.  We are seeing more inventory, especially in the recreational market, and this helps to level out prices.  This is good news for buyers, and also for sellers.  While listings were flying off the shelf a month or so ago, many buyers were reluctant to participate in the bidding wars that were occuring.  Those same buyers are feeling more comfortable now that the absolute frenzy has died down.  Properly priced properties are still selling quickly.  

  If you have been toying with the idea of selling, please call me - this could be YOUR year!  I will preview your property and provide you with a complimentary market evaluation and prepping your property for sale tips.  Don't wait.  There are buyers here now.  Let me help you be ready for them.

Buyers, while things have eased off a bit, good properties are still selling quickly, so be prepared to make an offer as soon as you see a property you like - and you have to be ready to view the properties as soon as they list.  That might mean getting in your car and driving up after work, but that's the best way win the listing.  Don't worry though....we have lots of great restaurants to have dinner at.  AND - get pre-approved so you know your limit.   

Questions?  Call me now @ 705-427-1373.  

I am looking forward to working with you.